St. Mark’s Religious Education Program

      Our Parish Religious Education program supports parents and guardians in their vital role as the first teachers of faith for their children and it is designed to support and nurture the faith life of each family. Together with our pastor, Father Michael, the staff and volunteers of our Religious Education program seek to provide opportunities for children, youth and their parents and families to grow in their relationship with Jesus and the Church in order that they may live the Gospel fully at home, at school, at work and in the world. Students will grow in their knowledge of the Scriptures to help prepare them to receive their sacraments.

      Our Program is addressed to children in grades Kindergarten through Sixth Grade; and, along with the Diocese of Fargo, it encourages participation in all years of formation for a full and complete religious education experience.
This is achieved not only by classroom discussion and teaching, but also through participation in prayer, special celebrations and worship opportunities, and service to others. In this way, we lead our children to a closer relationship with God, other children, and the whole community. Parents are encouraged to attend meetings and social/formational events, in addition to participating in parish life with their children through Mass, prayers and family events.

     In Christ’s own words we are beckoned to draw the little ones to Him!

     We look forward to working with you as you educate your children in the Catholic Faith. May God who has begun the good work in us, bring it to completion!

Who are our Catechists?

     Our Catechists are volunteers who will encourage your children in their faith, while growing in their own. They are people just like you who don’t have answers to everything, but are willing to take the time to engage others in discovering who we are as a Catholic family.

     During the course of the year, these teachers also benefit from our program in many ways, such as: enlivening their own faith, having the opportunity to nurture a group of children who are the future of our Church, expanding their creativity, having the opportunity to be good stewards of the Catholic Faith, and also having the opportunity to be trained and to attend workshops that will help grow their faith and understanding.

Would you like to be a catechist?

Please call the Religious Education office for more information.  701-228-3164

"Those who with God’s help have welcomed Christ’s call and freely responded to it are urged on by love of Christ to proclaim the Good News everywhere in the world." Catechism of the Catholic Church (prologue, 3)